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For more information about on-ice coaching with either Peter or Veronique, give us a call at 248-225-6568.  Or send us an email via our Contact Us page and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.
With their combination of technical expertise, performance experience, and injury prevention techniques, Veronique and Peter are able to show their students how to move more efficiently and with greater power and artistry.  Having danced with the second largest company in Europe, Veronique offers her students a wealth of experience in partnering techniques, character dance, and tips for peak performance.  Ultimately, their students become better overall skaters with a solid foundation of movement, balance and edge control.  With this strong foundation, these skaters are more likely to avoid injury and be more successful with skill acquisition.

figure skating coaching

Both Veronique and Peter Breen have significant experience working with skaters from multiple disciplines.  Peter is a 1992 US Olympian in the sport of Ice Dancing.  Veronique is a ballerina with The National Ballet of Amsterdam and a GYROTONIC® Master Trainer.  Over the past decade, they have trained skaters from developmental to Olympic level.