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Our philosophy at Motion Arts centers around one basic principle: 

Efficiency of Movement  

The human body is remarkable in its ability to perform complex tasks.  However, many of us are unable to move without pain or dysfunction due to inefficiencies or restrictions in movement.  Time and time again, our clients present with a variety of learned mechanical faults, which prevent them from moving or training to their full potential.  Things such as postural dysfunction, and those classic "bad habits" prevent our clients from achieving their movement and performance goals. 

Our approach to fitness and rehabilitation is to evaluate each client as an entire person.  We identify the areas of physical restriction, motor inhibition, or weakness, and then develop a plan to re-establish proper movement pattern. 

Young or old, developmental or Olympic athletes, sedentary folks, weekend warriors, or tennis and soccer moms, our clients come from all sorts of backgrounds and levels of training.  At Motion Arts we can help all of them to improve their movement potential, develop TRUE core strength, and achieve efficiency of movement.